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hgsubversion Namespace Reference


namespace  maps
namespace  svnrepo
namespace  svnwrap


def _lookup
def extsetup
def findoutgoing
def reposetup


tuple __all__ = ('cmdtable', 'reposetup', 'uisetup')
list _old_local = hg.schemes['file']
dictionary cmdtable
 revset = None
 subrepo = None
list svnopts
 templatekw = None
dictionary wrapcmds

Detailed Description

integration with Subversion repositories

hgsubversion is an extension for Mercurial that allows it to act as a Subversion
client, offering fast, incremental and bidirectional synchronisation.

At this point, hgsubversion is usable by users reasonably familiar with
Mercurial as a VCS. It's not recommended to dive into hgsubversion as an
introduction to Mercurial, since hgsubversion "bends the rules" a little
and violates some of the typical assumptions of early Mercurial users.

Before using hgsubversion, we *strongly* encourage running the
automated tests. See 'README' in the hgsubversion directory for

For more information and instructions, see :hg:`help subversion`.

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