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import errno
import cStringIO
import sys

from mercurial import util as hgutil
from mercurial import revlog
from mercurial import node

import svnwrap
import util

00012 class RevisionData(object):

    __slots__ = [
        'file', 'files', 'deleted', 'rev', 'execfiles', 'symlinks', 'batons',
        'copies', 'missing', 'emptybranches', 'base', 'externals', 'ui',

    def __init__(self, ui):
        self.ui = ui

    def clear(self):
        self.file = None
        self.files = {}
        self.deleted = {}
        self.rev = None
        self.execfiles = {}
        self.symlinks = {}
        self.batons = {}
        # Map fully qualified destination file paths to module source path
        self.copies = {}
        self.missing = set()
        self.emptybranches = {}
        self.base = None
        self.externals = {}
        self.exception = None

    def set(self, path, data, isexec=False, islink=False):
        self.files[path] = data
        self.execfiles[path] = isexec
        self.symlinks[path] = islink
        if path in self.deleted:
            del self.deleted[path]
        if path in self.missing:

    def delete(self, path):
        self.deleted[path] = True
        if path in self.files:
            del self.files[path]
        self.execfiles[path] = False
        self.symlinks[path] = False
        self.ui.note('D %s\n' % path)

    def findmissing(self, svn):

        if not self.missing:

        msg = 'fetching %s files that could not use replay.\n'
        self.ui.debug(msg % len(self.missing))
        root = svn.subdir and svn.subdir[1:] or ''
        r = self.rev.revnum

        files = set()
        for p in self.missing:
            if p[-1] == '/':
                dir = p[len(root):]
                new = [p + f for f, k in svn.list_files(dir, r) if k == 'f']

        i = 1
        self.ui.note('\nfetching files...\n')
        for p in files:
            if i % 50 == 0:
            i += 1
            data, mode = svn.get_file(p[len(root):], r)
            self.set(p, data, 'x' in mode, 'l' in mode)

        self.missing = set()

00093 class HgEditor(svnwrap.Editor):

    def __init__(self, meta):
        self.meta = meta
        self.ui = meta.ui
        self.repo = meta.repo
        self.current = RevisionData(meta.ui)

    def delete_entry(self, path, revision_bogus, parent_baton, pool=None):
        br_path, branch = self.meta.split_branch_path(path)[:2]
        if br_path == '':
            if self.meta.get_path_tag(path):
                # Tag deletion is not handled as branched deletion
        if br_path is not None:
            ha = self.meta.get_parent_revision(self.current.rev.revnum, branch)
            if ha == revlog.nullid:
            ctx = self.repo.changectx(ha)
            if br_path not in ctx:
                br_path2 = ''
                if br_path != '':
                    br_path2 = br_path + '/'
                # assuming it is a directory
                self.current.externals[path] = None
                map(self.current.delete, [pat for pat in self.current.files.iterkeys()
                                          if pat.startswith(path+'/')])
                for f in ctx.walk(util.PrefixMatch(br_path2)):
                    f_p = '%s/%s' % (path, f[len(br_path2):])
                    if f_p not in self.current.files:

    def open_file(self, path, parent_baton, base_revision, p=None):
        self.current.file = None
        fpath, branch = self.meta.split_branch_path(path)[:2]
        if not fpath:
            self.ui.debug('WARNING: Opening non-existant file %s\n' % path)

        self.current.file = path
        self.ui.note('M %s\n' % path)
        if base_revision != -1:
            self.current.base = base_revision
            self.current.base = None

        if self.current.file in self.current.files:

        if not self.meta.is_path_valid(path):

        baserev = base_revision
        if baserev is None or baserev == -1:
            baserev = self.current.rev.revnum - 1
        # Use exact=True because during replacements ('R' action) we select
        # replacing branch as parent, but svn delta editor provides delta
        # agains replaced branch.
        parent = self.meta.get_parent_revision(baserev + 1, branch, True)
        ctx = self.repo[parent]
        if fpath not in ctx:

        fctx = ctx.filectx(fpath)
        base = fctx.data()
        if 'l' in fctx.flags():
            base = 'link ' + base
        self.current.set(path, base, 'x' in fctx.flags(), 'l' in fctx.flags())

    def add_file(self, path, parent_baton=None, copyfrom_path=None,
                 copyfrom_revision=None, file_pool=None):
        self.current.file = None
        self.current.base = None
        if path in self.current.deleted:
            del self.current.deleted[path]
        fpath, branch = self.meta.split_branch_path(path, existing=False)[:2]
        if not fpath:
        if (branch not in self.meta.branches and
            not self.meta.get_path_tag(self.meta.remotename(branch))):
            # we know this branch will exist now, because it has at least one file. Rock.
            self.meta.branches[branch] = None, 0, self.current.rev.revnum
        self.current.file = path
        if not copyfrom_path:
            self.ui.note('A %s\n' % path)
            self.current.set(path, '', False, False)
        self.ui.note('A+ %s\n' % path)
         from_branch) = self.meta.split_branch_path(copyfrom_path)[:2]
        if not from_file:
        # Use exact=True because during replacements ('R' action) we select
        # replacing branch as parent, but svn delta editor provides delta
        # agains replaced branch.
        ha = self.meta.get_parent_revision(copyfrom_revision + 1,
                                           from_branch, True)
        ctx = self.repo.changectx(ha)
        if from_file in ctx:
            fctx = ctx.filectx(from_file)
            flags = fctx.flags()
            self.current.set(path, fctx.data(), 'x' in flags, 'l' in flags)
            if from_branch == branch:
                parentid = self.meta.get_parent_revision(
                    self.current.rev.revnum, branch)
                if parentid != revlog.nullid:
                    parentctx = self.repo.changectx(parentid)
                    if util.issamefile(parentctx, ctx, from_file):
                        self.current.copies[path] = from_file

    def add_directory(self, path, parent_baton, copyfrom_path,
                      copyfrom_revision, dir_pool=None):
        self.current.batons[path] = path
        br_path, branch = self.meta.split_branch_path(path)[:2]
        if br_path is not None:
            if not copyfrom_path and not br_path:
                self.current.emptybranches[branch] = True
                self.current.emptybranches[branch] = False
        if br_path is None or not copyfrom_path:
            return path
        if self.meta.get_path_tag(path):
            del self.current.emptybranches[branch]
            return path
        tag = self.meta.get_path_tag(copyfrom_path)
        if tag not in self.meta.tags:
            tag = None
            if not self.meta.is_path_valid(copyfrom_path):
                self.current.missing.add('%s/' % path)
                return path
        if tag:
            changeid = self.meta.tags[tag]
            source_rev, source_branch = self.meta.get_source_rev(changeid)[:2]
            cp_f = ''
            source_rev = copyfrom_revision
            cp_f, source_branch = self.meta.split_branch_path(copyfrom_path)[:2]
            if cp_f == '' and br_path == '':
                assert br_path is not None
                tmp = source_branch, source_rev, self.current.rev.revnum
                self.meta.branches[branch] = tmp
        new_hash = self.meta.get_parent_revision(source_rev + 1, source_branch, True)
        if new_hash == node.nullid:
            self.current.missing.add('%s/' % path)
            return path
        cp_f_ctx = self.repo.changectx(new_hash)
        if cp_f != '/' and cp_f != '':
            cp_f = '%s/' % cp_f
            cp_f = ''
        copies = {}
        for f in cp_f_ctx:
            if not f.startswith(cp_f):
            f2 = f[len(cp_f):]
            fctx = cp_f_ctx.filectx(f)
            fp_c = path + '/' + f2
            self.current.set(fp_c, fctx.data(), 'x' in fctx.flags(), 'l' in fctx.flags())
            if fp_c in self.current.deleted:
                del self.current.deleted[fp_c]
            if branch == source_branch:
                copies[fp_c] = f
        if copies:
            # Preserve the directory copy records if no file was changed between
            # the source and destination revisions, or discard it completely.
            parentid = self.meta.get_parent_revision(self.current.rev.revnum, branch)
            if parentid != revlog.nullid:
                parentctx = self.repo.changectx(parentid)
                for k, v in copies.iteritems():
                    if util.issamefile(parentctx, cp_f_ctx, v):
                        self.current.copies[k] = v
        return path

    def change_file_prop(self, file_baton, name, value, pool=None):
        if name == 'svn:executable':
            self.current.execfiles[self.current.file] = bool(value is not None)
        elif name == 'svn:special':
            self.current.symlinks[self.current.file] = bool(value is not None)

    def change_dir_prop(self, dir_baton, name, value, pool=None):
        if dir_baton is None:
        path = self.current.batons[dir_baton]
        if name == 'svn:externals':
            self.current.externals[path] = value

    def open_directory(self, path, parent_baton, base_revision, dir_pool=None):
        self.current.batons[path] = path
        p_, branch = self.meta.split_branch_path(path)[:2]
        if p_ == '' or (self.meta.layout == 'single' and p_):
            if not self.meta.get_path_tag(path):
                self.current.emptybranches[branch] = False
        return path

    def close_directory(self, dir_baton, dir_pool=None):
        if dir_baton is not None:
            del self.current.batons[dir_baton]

    def apply_textdelta(self, file_baton, base_checksum, pool=None):
        # We know coming in here the file must be one of the following options:
        # 1) Deleted (invalid, fail an assertion)
        # 2) Missing a base text (bail quick since we have to fetch a full plaintext)
        # 3) Has a base text in self.current.files, apply deltas
        base = ''
        if not self.meta.is_path_valid(self.current.file):
            return lambda x: None

        if self.current.file in self.current.deleted:
            msg = ('cannot apply textdelta to %s: file is deleted'
                   % self.current.file)
            raise IOError(errno.ENOENT, msg)

        if (self.current.file not in self.current.files and
            self.current.file not in self.current.missing):
            msg = ('cannot apply textdelta to %s: file not found'
                   % self.current.file)
            raise IOError(errno.ENOENT, msg)

        if self.current.file in self.current.missing:
            return lambda x: None
        base = self.current.files[self.current.file]
        target = cStringIO.StringIO()
        self.stream = target

        handler = svnwrap.apply_txdelta(base, target)
        if not callable(handler): #pragma: no cover
            raise hgutil.Abort('Error in Subversion bindings: '
                               'cannot call handler!')
        def txdelt_window(window):
                if not self.meta.is_path_valid(self.current.file):
                # window being None means commit this file
                if not window:
                    self.current.files[self.current.file] = target.getvalue()
            except svnwrap.SubversionException, e: #pragma: no cover
                if e.args[1] == svnwrap.ERR_INCOMPLETE_DATA:
                else: #pragma: no cover
                    raise hgutil.Abort(*e.args)
            except: #pragma: no cover
                print len(base), self.current.file
                self._exception_info = sys.exc_info()
        return txdelt_window

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