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test_tags::TestTags Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def assertchanges
def assertMultiLineEqual
def commitchanges
def draw
def pushrevisions
def repo
def setUp
def svnco
def svnls
def tearDown
def test_branch_from_tag
def test_branch_from_tag_stupid
def test_deletion_of_tag_on_trunk_after_branching
def test_edited_tag
def test_edited_tag_stupid
def test_most_recent_is_edited
def test_most_recent_is_edited_stupid
def test_old_tag_map_rebuilds
def test_remove_tag
def test_remove_tag_stupid
def test_rename_tag
def test_rename_tag_stupid
def test_tag_by_renaming_branch
def test_tag_by_renaming_branch_stupid
def test_tagging_into_tag
def test_tagging_into_tag_stupid
def test_tags
def test_tags_in_unusual_location
def test_tags_in_unusual_location
def test_tags_stupid
def ui

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _debug_print_tags
def _load_fixture_and_fetch
def _test_tags

Detailed Description

Definition at line 14 of file test_tags.py.

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