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test_fetch_mappings::MapTests Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def assertchanges
def assertMultiLineEqual
def authors
def branchmap
def commitchanges
def draw
def filemap
def pushrevisions
def repo
def setUp
def svnco
def svnls
def tagmap
def tearDown
def test_author_map
def test_author_map_closing_author
def test_author_map_closing_author_stupid
def test_author_map_no_author
def test_author_map_no_author_stupid
def test_author_map_no_overwrite
def test_author_map_stupid
def test_branchmap
def test_branchmap_combine
def test_branchmap_combine_stupid
def test_branchmap_empty_commit
def test_branchmap_empty_commit_stupid
def test_branchmap_no_replacement
def test_branchmap_rebuildmeta
def test_branchmap_rebuildmeta_stupid
def test_branchmap_stupid
def test_branchmap_tagging
def test_branchmap_tagging_stupid
def test_branchmap_verify
def test_branchmap_verify_stupid
def test_empty_log_message
def test_empty_log_message_stupid
def test_file_map
def test_file_map_exclude
def test_file_map_exclude_stupid
def test_file_map_stupid
def test_tagmap
def test_tagmap_stupid
def test_tagren_changed
def test_tagren_changed_stupid
def ui

Public Attributes


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Definition at line 17 of file test_fetch_mappings.py.

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